Long before this Rally even started I was counting the sleeps just like a Kid at Christmastime…I went to the High Desert Rally & Races which had Nitro at Nite in Ashcroft, BC, Canada on 08/25-26/01 to see the 5th Race of the CMDRA Y2K1 Series. This was one of the best Events I've been to in awhile and I'm still getting my mind around all that transpired…

With sun screen packed it was off to follow the Gold Rush Trail. Getting into town on Wednesday, a little early you might think, what with the Drag Racing not set to start 'til Saturday, I wanted to bask in the sun of BC's very own Desert, be Wild in the Wind, Ride neat roads and spend time with good people. I longed to hear the thunder of the Bikes echoing through the hills. 

Tempted to go Horseback Riding on Thursday as we passed the historic Hat Creek Ranch, I kept to my Iron Horse touring Cache Creek, Lillooet, Lytton, Spences Bridge & Aschcroft, BC. What a rush! 

Rounding a corner at this place called "the Fountain" I was struck by the majesty of the mountain. Looking up at this tower of rock & sage, the top misted over in clouds, it was just so beautiful that I started to cry! Glad I can show my feelings - but like, who cries looking at a rock? I haven't seen visions like that since Riding thru the Denali National Park in Alaska, USA. There are places in BC, that parallel that magical, mystical place. As I pulled over to suit up for the Rain, my Husband came up along side me and I showed him the sight sure he would be filled with emotion too. Asking the age old question "What are you thinking?" he said he was too busy just trying not to look down! Mountains on one side, with a vertical drop on the other, it was an extreme Ride all the way. 

Friday we timed the Poker Run Route that we would Guide the next day. I had never been that way before so I didn't know what to expect - what I found was the biggest mountain I had ever gone over. I stopped for a break at the top then carried on, shocked to find that I was still going vertical! In Kamloops, BC, it was off to the Harley Davidson Dealer's for a Meet & Greet BBQ. We met Racers, Pit Crews, and some NWBC HOG Chapter Members who Rode down specifically for the Rally. Back at our Motel that night it was like one big Slumber Party! 

Saturday was off to the Track for the Pancake Breakfast put on by the CMA. The Poker Run started with the 1st Card drawn there then on to Logan Lake for the 2nd. Cold up in the hills so I kept us at a quick, steady pace. I was afraid if I stopped my Bike then I wouldn't get back on! Wearing Silk Long Johns & Thermal Socks I was still chilled! In the distance the sun shone through the clouds so that was where I headed. We had a Virgin amongst us on the Run too - a nice Girl on her 1st Motorcycle Ride - she Rode in the cold with the rest of us like a real trooper. 

At the halfway point our Group had become a cohesive Unit. The 3rd Card was at the Kamloops HD, where we had a Pit Stop & Lunch at the Truck Stop. Brenda [of O'Hara's HD of Delta, BC] and Harry were real gems when they helped repair one Guy's Bike. You're the best! I won't forget Harry's chivalry, grace and wise words. Off to Savona for the 4th Card then back to the Track for the 5th Card just in time to enjoy the Qualifying. Whew!

Nothing better than Nitro at Nite! What a blast! After an action packed fun-filled day I was ready to watch the Drag Bikes do their thing. The Stands were packed and the Crowd went Wild every time the Top Fuel Bikes made a pass - what a treat - it was icing on the cake. 

By the time Sunday came along I even remembered the names that went with the new faces that I met. Already they seemed like friends. I still wonder about the Guy who joined us on the Run who had just came out of Camp, happily Riding his Sportster. I heard him say "This is the best time ever!" You know, I thought so too! Hope he's having fun on his Motorcycling Path. 

Oh yeah - the Drag Racing! How could I forget? Sometimes it's too much for me - the Nitro, the excitement, feeling the tension building as everyone waits to see who will come out on top. I'm not even a Racer! Heck I just help out in the Pits so I can't imagine what it's like for those Guys & Gals. There was strong competition and the Racers were hungry. It was intense. In the midst of it all you have to maintain an attitude of "never let them see you sweat" but inside your guts are just churning. My favorite parts are the Burnouts and watching the Tree light up. I even got a great video that I'll cherish and watch during the long, cold Winter months to come.

The Winners of the day worked hard for their prizes and they sure deserved them. For an accurate listing of the Results see www.cmdra.com where you can discover for yourself a bit of the magic. Thanks for the memories and see you all next year!

Mrs. Nedra Lee Prisk, TFT
Though Field Therapist,
Personal Coach & 
True Colors Trainer, Level I